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Insprit - web and mobile apps

We create mobile apps, web apps, websites and desktop applications for both business and individual customers. We also design multi-module systems, using all of the above.

We design and implement graphics, websites and applications' user interfaces.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and our recent works.
Tell us what you need - we'll tell you how to achieve it.

See how we do it

Why us?

Because we're passionate about what we do - we put whole our heart and knowledge in each project. And also - we're acquainted with what we do. We're constantly evolving to be even better and always provide you the top level realizations.

Each and every project implemented reliably, accurately and timely. — Leszek Dulik, Boni Libri Why do I value cooperating with Insprit?
First of all for a great attention to client's needs, openness and extraordinary ideas. As well as for clear communication on technicals.
— J. Grześkowiak,
They have trusted us

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Websites and online shops

Our projects are not only visually attractive, but also made with accordance to standards, using best programming practices and respectful of international standards for disabled.

It's not enough for website "to be" to play it's role. You need it eyecatching, intuitive, easy to use and memorable. And it has to work under any conditions - on any device or browser.

So what's your future website is gonna be?

UniqueFrom the beginning to the end designed specially for you RWD*Responsive - adapting to any screen size W3C*Compliant with current standards WCAG 2.0*Accessible for disabled, including blind SEO*Search engine friendly, to help others find you easily Impressive graphicsHigh quality images and care for smallest visual details ModernCompliant with best practices and latest trends Social friendlySocial media friendly, to let you share easily
RWD (Responsive Web Design) - means designing website (or e-shop, application) in such way, that lets you use the page on any kind of device (on any screen size), no matter if you view it on your phone, tablet, laptop, or large external screen. An example of such designed website is this very one you're currently lookin at. If you reduce the size of you browsre's window, you'll be able to notice this behavior.
W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) - is an international organization for standarizing technical aspects of building websites. Of course, nobody forces you to use those standards, but designing respectful of them has an impact in numerous expanses - including SEO, cross-browser compatibility and accesibility (also for disabled).
WCAG 2.0 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) - is a collection of recomendation regarding websites accesibility, arised by W3C organisation. Websites created respectfully of those rules, are more accessible to disabled, including blind.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - are actions taken in order to make particular website reach the highest possible position in search engine (eg. Google) results. SEO actions can be divided in two areas: website optimization (on-site actions) and off-site positioning. The first relates to website itself - includes it's code and contents adjustments. The latter reffers to actions taken outside website itself, eg. linking to it from other websites. Website positioning is a continuous process, requiring long-term efforts. Our websites, nevertheless, are initially prepared for this affair (in on-site area). Thanks to that future positioning should be easier, require less effort, and give quicker results.

What else can it have?

CMS*Easy and intuitive website management system Online paymentsOnline payment gateways integration (np. PayU, Przelewy24, itp.) MiltilingualWebsite with multiple language versions 3D i VR*Three dimensional or virtual reality elements MapInteractive map with marked location ContactHandy contact form

And anything you ever dreamed about!

CMS (Content Management System) - system (often called just "administrative panel"), allowing you to manage your website, eg. modify it's texts. Range of functionality may vary and should be adjusted to the needs of particular customer. You don't need high computer skills to manage such system, just basic knowledge is sufficient. Typical system's features may be: editing existing pages contents (including images or videos embedding), adding new pages, adding news/posts (blog functionality), managing menu (change order, add or remove menu items), etc. Popular CMS systems are e.g. Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal.
VR (Virtual Reality) - is a realistic simulation of 3D space 360°. Often associated with VR gogles, which can give strong feeling of realism of digitally created surrounding.

Mobile apps

Hybrid mobile apps

Why mobile app?

Well thought-out mobile app can revolutionize your daily tasks, improve them and make them more efficient and comfortable. It can also be a great replacement for various pricey tools may you need, by changing your or your employees phones into mobile stations like: code scanners, GPS trackers or comprehensive customer serve tools.

What kind of mobile apps do we create?

We create native apps for Android and Windows as well as hybrid apps for all major mobile platforms. We also integrate mobile apps with your existing systems and develop multi-component systems in which mobile app may be just one of few system components.


Web apps

We create modern, efficient and easy to use web apps. We create them with great care of safety, thoughtful technology and well polished graphical design. These applications you're going to use with pleasure!

Why should you go for web?

No installationNo need to install any additional software on your computer No hardware requirementsGood enough if your computer is able to browse the Web AnywhereAccessible form any location on any device For everyoneCan be handled by multiple users ReliableWon't lose your data when your computer crashes Better supportYou will recieve technical support more easily and quickly

What kind of apps can work such way?

  1. B2B systems
  2. Business Intelligence systems
  3. CRM systems
  4. GIS - Geographic information system
  5. Workflow or Document Management Systems
  6. Work management systems
  7. Company/Organisation management systems
  8. Actually... systems of almost any kind

What our web apps are?

Ease of useFunctional and intuitive. Fitting needs and habits of those, who are to use the app Well worked out interfaceAttractive, modern and user friendly interface, which you use with pleasure Well thought-out technologyUse of the newest and the most proven technologies StandardsConsistent with current standards SafetyYou needn't to worry about your data stored by the system Flexible financingSettle as you prefer

Do not take our word - check our work!

Association Management System Association Management System

Web based association management system. Managing members, employees, finances, reports, meetings, serial correspondence and much more.

Graphics CSS html JavaScript JQuery php MySQL
Mobile B2B system Mobile B2B system

Mobile B2B system for Adesco Software. The system allows an unlimited number of contractors, generating orders from thousands records stores and much more. Works both online and offline.

Graphics Android Java sqlite
Housing investment mobile app Housing investment mobile app

Hybrid mobile app on Wola01 - a newly built Housing investment.

  1. Virtual walk
  2. VR walk
  3. Visualizations
  4. Map
  5. Flats' plans
  6. Information on the investment

Graphics CSS html5 JavaScript Ionic Android iOS
Website for Podlaskie Voivodeship Investor Assistance Centre IAC Podlaskie

Website for Podlaskie Voivodeship Investor Assistance Centre.

Graphics CSS html JavaScript JQuery php Wordpress MySQL
Boni Libri Publishing House - website and online shop Publishing House online store

Some of the functionalities integrated into the website:

  1. Responsive
  2. Multilingual
  3. Advanced multicurrency options
  4. Advanced global shipping calculator
  5. Multicurrency online payment gateway integration
  6. User accounts
  7. And much more

Graphics CSS html JavaScript JQuery php Wordpress Woocommerce MySQL
Break Out Project Website Break Out Project Web site and reservation system for Break Out project - room escape game club. Design idea and graphics referring to the spirit of the game.


Graphics CSS html JavaScript JQuery php Wordpress MySQL
GIS-Support company website and blog GIS company website

Responsive, multilingual website and blog for geoinformation specialized company.

Graphics CSS html JavaScript JQuery php Wordpress MySQL
Blog website Blog website

Extensive blog website.

  1. Responsive
  2. Social media ready
  3. Dynamic posts loading
  4. Dynamic UI

Graphics CSS html JavaScript JQuery php Wordpress MySQL
Psychologist's office website Psychologist's office website

Psychologist's office responsive website. Clean and ascetic, yet dynamic layout.

Graphics CSS html JavaScript JQuery php Wordpress MySQL
Monde Disparu website Website and shop Monde Disparu

Website and online shop dedicated to the album "Monde Disparu".

Graphics CSS html JavaScript JQuery php Wordpress Woocommerce MySQL

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